About Us

Welcome to Sunshine With Kathy Marvel– I am Kathy Marvel and my goal every single day is to be happy. More than that, I want others to be happy, too. I am not claiming to be an expert on happiness in any way, shape, or form but I am here, simply because it brings me joy and I want to spread that joy. I’ll let you know what things I do that help me to find the happy in my days – they may or may not work for you. I will let you know the things that I believe lead to a life filled with sunshine – you may or may not agree. And I will give you tips that might help you to be the happiest you, you can be – take them or leave them.  My goal is this: I am hoping you walk away from each visit with at least one thing that resonates with you and may help you to move towards bringing sunshine to your life or someone else’s. Something that allows you to do life better in some way. I am not a big league Podcaster (although I am a Podcaster). I am not a life coach. I am not an expert in living your best life. I am just me – wife, mommy, friend, teacher, co-worker, writer, go-getter, coffee drinker (or wine drinker) – me. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!

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