Exciting News!!!!!!!

Super Exciting News Friends,
I’ve been invited to be a speaker for the Calm Your Anxiety Summit through Mind Be Education – July 27-29th. The summit is virtual and absolutely 
FREE (unless you choose to buy an all access pass for the year). My course is about breathing strategies for kids (of course) – called Breathe Easy. Here is the link to sign up – you can pick and choose which courses you would like to listen to and learn from. Calm Your Anxiety Summit Registration
Calling all parents! This is for you. Are you looking for ways to help your kiddo maneuver through stress that they may be feeling – especially during these times? Registration is FREE and you can watch the speakers/courses at whatever time is good for you. FREE valuable information/resources. Click the link: REGISTER NOW!

Author: ksmarvel

I am Kathy Marvel and my goal every single day is to be happy. More than that, I want others to be happy, too. I am not claiming to be an expert on happiness in any way, shape, or form but I am here, simply because it brings me joy and I want to spread that joy. I am not a big league Podcaster (although I am a Podcaster). I am not a life coach. I am not an expert in living your best life. I am just me – wife, mommy, friend, teacher, co-worker, writer, go-getter, coffee drinker (or wine drinker) – me.

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